Bareback Porn Membership Tips

Buying bareback porn memberships can be an extremely exciting experience, but the process can sometimes be overwhelming, because you don’t always know what to expect after handing over your credit card details. Sometimes sites look great based on their tour pages, but once you get inside, things aren’t always as expected or you might miss a pre-selected bonus site on the join page form that ends up costing you more. This page currently has helpful tips and information to inform you about some issues that can cause grief and leave you feeling understandably annoyed.

Content Availability

Some bareback porn sites have flashy tours that make the site look absolutely awesome. When you see this, you should proceed with caution, because sometimes websites focus on the preview pages, then seem to forget about providing decent content inside the members area (which is actually the most important part). This can be major problem, because you don’t always know what to expect until you have signed up and entered your credit card number, handing over your hard-earned cash. The best sites are the ones that show the updated scenes on the tour pages, especially sites with dated updates, because you can get a better understanding about what’s inside the members area. The only problem with this is some sites no longer producing content will rotate old content to make it look new, which can be a problem if you have been a member in the past and sign up again and discover no new content since you were last a member.

Trial Memberships

When you are interested in a site, but you’re not completely sure about it, trial memberships might seem like a good idea (and they can be), but they can also become expensive if you like the site and decide to stick around for a while. That’s because trial memberships automatically renew at the regular monthly membership price after the trial period expires, which means that you aren’t able to purchase longer membership periods at a lower price. Another issue is that trial memberships are often limited to a few of the latest scenes released, so you are very restricted, especially if you noticed a scene on the preview page that you want to check out, because it might not be one of the most recent scenes, so you might not be able to view the scene until your membership reverts to a regular membership, where full site becomes accessible to you.

Cross Sales

Once you have made the decision to purchase a bareback porn membership, just be careful with the signup form, because many bareback porn sites will pre-select bonus sites, which means in addition to signing up for the site you are wanting to join, you are also requesting to sign up to access the bonus site at an additional charge. Sometimes the wording makes it sound like the bonus site is included with your membership at no additional cost, but almost always it’s an extra cost for a site you probably never wanted to sign up for anyway if a checkbox is involved on the signup page. Quite a few sites do offer complimentary bonus content, which doesn’t cost any extra and these sites do not include a checkbox on the signup page, because access is automatically provided with your membership. The best way to avoid this is the carefully scan the signup form before you start entering your details, then if you see a pre-selected offer, uncheck the box if you don’t want to join that site before you complete the signup form.

Membership Lengths

Most bareback porn sites provide multiple membership options, with a 30 day membership being standard (some only provide this membership option). There are other sites that reward members for purchasing longer membership lengths and the discounts can be significant. If you want to save a lot of money and have a bareback porn membership you can enjoy for a longer period of time, yearly memberships provide the best value around, where they are billed in an annual amount, which equates to a fraction of the cost when compared to the regular monthly membership amount. Annual memberships are an excellent way you can save money long-term if you can afford the price upfront.

Here are some additional tips kindly contributed by Mitch (thank you Mitch):

Sites promote their High Definition downloads, but remember that these will take up a huge amount of space on your hard drive. If there’s a smaller size available, try it and see how it looks on your screen. Some sites are able to produce small-size files that still look just fine, even when sent to a large-screen TV. Bel Ami and Helix are examples; each can produce a thoroughly watchable 25 min scene that comes in at under 250 mb. You can get a whole lot of those on a 4 TB hard drive.

Just in case you didn’t know: you can usually download more than one scene at a time. I have an average speed internet connection and can usually download up to six scenes at once. It might take over an hour, but I can go ahead with other pursuits while all that wonderful porn is being written to my hard drive. It can be a crap shoot, though, if something goes wrong with your internet connection or whatever; you may return to find none of the scenes actually worked.

Downloading heartbreak: sometimes things go wrong and a download is only partially successful. You may or may not be notified. I’ve learned to click through a downloaded scene to be sure it plays through to completion (ahhh… completion). If the download wasn’t successful you can try again (if the scene looks like a keeper). But it’s important to check on this before your account lapses (presuming you’ve canceled), because you’ll be unable to re-download a scene once your expiration date arrives.

A cost-effective way of building your porn library is to sign up for a month’s membership every year (or every other year) and then download the scenes you like. Even when you factor in the cost of buying hard drives, this is a much cheaper way of acquiring quality porn than maintaining an on-going membership. Furthermore, if your internet connection is sub-optimal, you’ll be much happier playing porn from a hard drive. I know I am.

A key to becoming a budget-minded porn downloader is to remember to CANCEL in a timely fashion. Like similar businesses in the non-porn world, these companies make the most money when people just keep the account open for months at a time. Canceling cuts that revenue stream but isn’t always simple. The details are spelled out in the terms to which we generally just click YES without reading. Most sites nowadays just require that you cancel before the expiration date, but others want 7 days notice. No problem — if you know you only want a month’s membership, you can usually cancel right after joining and you’ll still have access for the full term. And know that you can download an enormous amount of content in 30 days.

Look for bargains. It looks as though Raw Rapture will try to post these, but you can also search them out on your own. Most of the big-name porn producers will periodically offer discounts. Once you’ve joined (and especially after you’ve canceled), you will likely receive notices of discounts via email. Less frequently these discounts are hidden — but in plain sight. Just click on the JOIN link and see what’s there; a 50% discount may be available but only for those who are digging into the site. Sometimes there are ways to troll for a discount — try clicking on the JOIN link and just hanging there for a while; you might get a popup for a cheaper rate. Likewise if you partially complete the “New Member” information and then abort; by that point they likely have your email and will cheerfully send an email promotion for a special deal; TAKE IT.

More canceling advice: Most sites make this very easy. In the past it was occasionally challenging to cancel because you had to recall your membership account number. This is rarely the case now, but if you make note of it when you join it may speed things up when it’s time to cancel. Also know that many sites will try to keep you on the hook when you try to cancel; they’ll offer discounts or other perks. Just keep clicking “NO THANKS” or decline politely if you’re on the phone. While most sites are easy to cancel, it’s not a bad idea to explore cancellation before it’s the last minute.

Some sites (eg. Bel Ami) remember your email after you’ve canceled and when you try to sign up again they want you to log in with your old password to reactivate the account. Yikes — who remembers that stuff? A couple options — make note of that information when you join, or just know that to open a new account you’ll need a new email address.

Know that many sites include “additional content” with their downloads. This may or may not be of interest to you. Just be aware that a fantastic looking hardcore duo may be preceded by a long interview (with unintelligible audio) or many minutes of them tossing a football on the beach or splashing about in the pool. My opinion: all that stuff should be available separately from the download. It my be slightly amusing to watch once (streaming) but has no place occupying valuable real estate on my hard drive. Please join me in imploring porn producers to make “additional content” optional when downloading — that stuff can be streamed or downloaded as a separate file.

If you’ve never downloaded a scene it can be a little tricky the first few times and the method will depend on the website as well as your operating system and web browser. The key is to be able to download/save the file WHERE you want it and with the NAME you want (otherwise you’ll likely end up with a download folder full of scenes you don’t recognize (like “wis.mbr.345y&x.720p”). Since video files tend to be large, I think it makes sense to load them onto an external hard drive. I organize my downloads by studio (each studio has its own folder) and I rename each scene with the format “TopName.BottomName” so it’s immediately recognizable. Example: JimKerouac.JackHarrer will land in the folder named BA (Bel Ami). I made an Excel file to catalog my collection, so each time I download a scene I capture details about it on the spreadsheet (esp. filename, bareback/condom, setting, brief description and rating). This allows me to immediately find any scene(s) of interest and hyperlinks in the Excel file allow me to launch each scene.

Bareback Porn Site Buyers Guide

COMING SOON! Below you will find a bareback porn site buyers guide to help provide you with key information to assist you with making your bareback porn membership purchases. Essential information such as whether a site offers streaming or downloadable videos, membership lengths, pre-selected cross sale warnings and details about whether the sites are still being updated. The sites that will be featured below will have already been selected from a large number of sites considered to offer decent bareback content, with further information you can use to help you make your final decision. You can currently find some of this information on the Links page.