How Can Brad Assist You?

If you need support, Brad is available to offer assistance and if you would like to show your support, you can learn how to do that here as well. Raw Rapture has been designed to be compatible with almost every web browser and device, using a theme that features excellent design and functionality. Every photo is resized and optimized to reduce the file size without reducing quality to help improve the amount of time it takes for pages to load. Every video clip is also edited to produce a consistent size and ratio by adjusting the resolution and audio to improve the performance of each video, which does reduce the quality, but it helps those who have slower internet connections.

Raw Rapture is hand-crafted, with every aspect of this website maintained by Brad. Each scene featured here has been personally selected by Brad, with an array of scenes showcased so there is something of interest to everyone available. A selection of photos are chosen for each scene, then resized before they are incorporated into each update where a brief description of the scene is added. It takes about half an hour to publish each scene when you go through each of the steps involved from the start to the finish. Some of the tasks can be automated, such as batch photo and video editing, but Brad takes a personal approach and manually edits each photo and video to meet his high quality assurance standards.

The videos clips featured at Raw Rapture are delivered to you using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) in H.264 .mp4 format, which is a universal standard that’s more compatible than any of the other formats available. The content featured at Raw Rapture comes from reputable sites and studios focusing on bareback porn production, which provide you with good value for money. When you follow links from the pages at Raw Rapture to the sites, you can be confident about purchasing bareback porn at the lowest price available, as Brad features links providing you with the lowest available price and he regularly checks for specials and updates his links to help you get the best membership prices available.

Sometimes technical difficulties with this website might be experienced, but please know that if you are noticing any issues, you are welcome to contact Brad by detailing the issues you are experiencing so he can take a look and get back to you with hopefully a resolution to your problem. The most common problem is about videos that do not play and this is often because each video has a security mechanism designed to stop people from displaying the videos at their own site and using bandwidth that is paid for by Brad. If this error happens, please reload the page and try again, as this will resolve issues in most cases. A second option is to try accessing this website using a different web browser.

How You Can Show Your Support

If you would like to show your support, you can do this in a number of ways, with financial contributions from you purchasing bareback porn memberships by following the links from this website being a great way, because then you receive something enjoyable in return. You can also contribute without it costing you a cent by participating in comments, polls and other interactive features or just visiting on a regular basis to check out what’s happening. When you purchase bareback porn site memberships by clicking on links from this website, Brad will receive a percentage (usually 50%) from the price of your membership to help cover expenses involved in maintaining this website.

When you are ready to purchase a bareback porn membership, simply click on any link from Raw Rapture, then purchase your membership immediately in the same web browser you used to initially visit the site. A referral cookie is added to your web browser when you click on a link that activates once you make a purchase, which is when Brad will receive a commission. If you don’t make the purchase immediately, the cookie may expire or get cleared once you close your web browser, which means Brad won’t receive a commission. The information below explains web browser cookies and how they work to ensure Brad receives a percentage of revenue from your bareback porn memberships.

About Web Browser Cookies and Commissions

When you click on a link at Raw Rapture, Brad’s referral code gets added to a cookie in your web browser, so once you make a membership purchase, the cookie activates and a referral commission is generated, meaning Brad will receive a percentage of income from your membership subscription, which is usually 50%. You might think that Brad always receives a commission whenever you click on a link and sign up for a membership later, but this is not the case.

Here are some reasons why you need to make your porn membership immediately after clicking on a link if you want to ensure Brad receives a commission.

  • Cookies usually have an expiry date, with some cookies expiring after a day or two. If you make a porn membership purchase after a cookie expires, Brad will not receive a commission.
  • If you close your web browser without making a purchase, this may clear your cookies and web browsing history (depending on your settings), so if you come back later to make a purchase, the cookie won’t exist, so Brad will not receive a commission.
  • If you have tracking disabled in your web browser, it is likely that a cookie will not be set in your web browser, meaning that when you purchase a porn membership, Brad will not receive a commission.
  • If you partially sign up for a porn membership by entering your details without finalizing your purchase and you later get sent an email to complete your purchase, Brad may not receive a commission.
  • If you have been a member of a site in the past and sign up again at the site directly without clicking on a link from Raw Rapture first, Brad will not receive a commission.

The best way to ensure Brad receives a commission from your porn membership subscription is to make a purchase immediately after clicking on a link at Raw Rapture. If you decide not make a purchase immediately, please come back to Raw Rapture when you are ready to join and click on the site link to create a fresh cookie. When you purchase a porn membership, your privacy is protected and linked to a transaction number, so Brad will not know who you are, but he will receive a commission that is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.