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Raw Rapture is operated by just one person – Brad Berrigan, so being able to contact the right person is really easy! You don’t even have to work out who to send your email to, as the contact form below will deliver your message directly to Brad so he can personally reply. If you have a question, feedback or a suggestion, you are welcome to contact Brad using the contact form below and Brad will do his best to respond to your message within 48 hours, although it will most likely be sooner than this.

Messages are often received about modelling opportunities, but this is not something Brad can assist you with directly, as Brad does not produce his own content at this point, because Raw Rapture only showcases bareback porn from a selection of bareback porn studios. If you would like to get involved in modeling, the best way to get started is to visit some of the bareback sites you see on the accompanying pages and contact the studios or submit a model application form.

If you are sending a message that is considered to be spam or contains aggression or inappropriate behavior, please be advised you will not receive a response and your message will be disregarded and deleted. Brad doesn’t mind you talking dirty, in fact he likes it, but Brad is not referring to dirty talk when he talks about inappropriate behavior.

By using this contact form, your name and email address will be kept private in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Brad is a very approachable guy, so please don’t be afraid to send a message if you want to contact him, because he is very open minded and he looks forward to hearing from you.

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